The History of Homestead Firewood

          In 1976 Tom Walker and Wes Bauer, both firefighters for the USDA Forest Service, began cutting wood by permit in the local mountains for a little extra pocket money. Selling hand-cut pine, fir, and oak by delivery, business began to boom. Tom was foreman for the Mill Creek Hot Shots, an elite group of firefighters in the local mountains, and continued cutting timber on the side until 1982 when the Hot Shots program in Mill Creek was cut. Tom decided this was his chance to go into the firewood business full time.

          Land was leased next to Draeger's Feed in Yucaipa and Homestead Firewood was born. Named after a homestead cabin near Gorman, California, Homestead Firewood would continue to make a name for itself as a hometown business as the woodlot could now accommodate customer pick-ups along with the original delivery service. Tom continued selling wood cut mostly from the local mountains and met customer needs by also selling premium firewood brought in from local suppliers.

                                                                               Between the years of 1982                                                                                                                                                                                                        and 1992, Homestead Firewood                                                                                                                                   was truly a family-run business as the entire Walker family moved                                                                                                                                 up to the mountains to help out with the woodcutting. During the                                                                                                                          summer months of felling trees, Tom's wife, Kathy, and his three                                                                                                                             daughters, Kerri, Sally, and Heidi, made home of various campsites                                                                                                                                     and worked hard to make the family business successful. The girls                                                                                                                                 were in charge of marking the trees for cutting to length, clearing                                                                                                                                       the brush, and boraxing the stumps while Kathy ran camp, split wood, and made bundles. Of course, all work would stop on Sundays when the family usually went hiking.

          The business continued to grow and as woodcutting became more difficult in the local mountains, Homestead Firewood began to sell more wood from local suppliers and in 1992, the mountains heard their last "timber" from Tom Walker. Today, Homestead Firewood continues to provide the best quality, seasoned firewood at competitive prices and they still guarantee a full old-fashioned cord that is pre-stacked and measured for purchase. You can purchase local eucalyptus, citrus, pine, and premium oak and almond from California's central valley. They offer kindling and fatwood products, and provide firewood that is the perfect length for wood stoves and chimenias.

          Homestead Firewood is still a family-run, hometown business providing the highest-quality, seasoned firewood to the Inland Empire. They continue a 39-year tradition of providing quality firewood to local businesses and residents for heating homes, recreation, camping, backyard barbeques, and smoking meat. It's the hometown smile and the full old-fashioned cord that make Homestead Firewood your local firewood experts.